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Isn't It Time You Took Control?

There Are Many Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online


It is time for you to take control of your finances, time, and life. No more juggling your bills and time with your loved ones. Effective Online Profits is here to seek out and present to you some of the many legitimate ways to make extra money online.

We are not promising for you to get rich quick. We are promising to present to you legitimate ways to make extra money online. Working online allows you to set your own work schedule so you don't have to sacrifice time with your loved ones. Working online means you don't have to rush home from work just to run out the door again to get to a second job. Instead, come home, have dinner with your family, and work after the kids have gone to bed. Sounds much better doesn't it?

We all could use some extra money these days. Extra money to get out of debt, buy a new car, or save for retirement or your kids college fund. Maybe you just want to take a week long cruise. Whatever your needs or reasons, the internet is on 24/7 so you can work when and where you want to.

What are some of the ways to make money online? As I said there are many.

You are currently reading this on a web site. With the increased use of the internet there are many sites, blogs, online magazines, etc. They all need updating. They all need writing done. Many will be willing to pay you to do that writing for them.

I can hear you now, "I'm not a writer". Let me ask you this, have you ever taken a creative writing or journalism class? Have you ever written a poem or short story? Have you ever just out of the blue started singing a song that you made up as you went along? You can be a writer, because you are a writer.

I have found a site that can help freelance writers to connect with writing jobs. You pick the assignment, write what you chose to write, be it articles, blog posts, etc., submit it and get paid. to view their web site Click here.

The most common way to make money online is through marketing. The two main types of online marketing are ecommerce and information marketing.

In ecommerce, you have a couple of ways to go. You can put up a web site and fill your garage with inventory, then package and ship every time someone purchases something from your site, or you can use a drop shipper. With a drop shipper, you have your web site, and when someone makes a purchase from your site your supplier packages and ships their purchase. The package arrives with your store name on it so your customer doesn't know you used a drop shipper.

Information marketing is the selling of digital products. Downloadable ebooks, audio files, video files, software,etc. It is quite an extensive industry that is broken up into niches. A niche is a specialized area such as health and fitness. Besides being broken up into niches, information marketing is also broken up into types.

We have affiliate marketing, vendor marketing, private label rights, resell rights, master resell rights, etc. I will discuss them in greater detail with updates to this site.

I would like to mention, if you are going to pursue information marketing, it is recommended that you begin with affiliate marketing.

Why start with affiliate marketing? Quite simply, the product is already created. The product already has a web site, a sales page, etc. Most of the work is already done. Your job as an affiliate, is to simply get people to the vendor's sales page and receive a commission from the sales generated by your leads.

Many information marketers have their own affiliate programs that provide you with materials and tools to promote their products. When you sign up with a marketer to promote their products and services, they provide you with a special link that identifies that the customer came from you. This allows them to track and pay commissions to the correct affiliate.

Another option is to open an account at one of the affiliate platforms. One of the best known platforms is clickbank. When you open an account with clickbank to be an affiliate, you generate a unique affiliate link for each product that you wish to promote. Clickbank takes care of tracking and paying the commissions. You can view their web site by clicking here


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